Nhra rule book helmets requirements

Keep reading to see if you and your safety equipment are currently in compliance. I cut out the spare tire well section on mine and used a section of rectangular duct to fab up a new section. The nhra rule book keeps you up to date with all the info you need to stay safe and competitive. Choose a helmet that fits a correctly fitted helmet should feel as if an evenly distributed pressure is continuously being exerted around the head and cheeks. The certification name causes further confusion when it comes time to purchase the helmet, according to patrick utt at racequip, who says the helmets arent even available. All 8 to 17 year old crew members must sign a minor release form and waiver of liability form. Here you can view the ihra rulebook, order a physical copy and check out all of the latest competition updates. Good tires, a solid battery hold down, radiator overflow reservoir, functioning neutralsafety switch, seat belts, and a valid state drivers license or nhra competition. Classes 67 and 89 and 1018 years of age all cars must have helmet bars srca is a nhra member track and will operate by nhra requirements and specifications. Made with flippingbook professional solution for displaying marketing and sales documents online. Additional information on mustang modifications,maintenance,parts,and technical specifications.

But now im wondering if he thought i have a motorcycle. For more information see nhra 2020 rule book bikes may run with cars in spro, pro, sportsman. The nhra rule book states that helmets with a 2015 certification dont expire until january 1st of 2027. Passengers, commonly called codrivers, are allowed in any vehicle that runs 14. A full face helmet is mandatory on all cars running 9. Ahdra all harley drag racing association rules rulebook. According to the 1997 nhra rule book general regulation 10. Sa2015 helmet spec explained by racequip racepages digital. The information contained within will be used in conjunction with the current 2019 nhra rule book, and will provide you with accurate rules and procedures for. If you bring it in a cooler, it will be confiscated.

There are reason behind this rule, first and foremost is safety. Get the performance you wantand solid value for your hardearned moneyat summit racing equipment. The 2020 nhra rulebook is now online and viewable by all who wish to compete in the nhra arena. If you wish to have a copy of the handbook mailed to you, please fill out our handbook request form.

Codrivers must be at least18 years old and meet the same requirements as the driver. Helmets that meet these requirements will have a sah2015 snell rating and not the standard sa2015 rating. There are different helmet and safety requirements for different classes, but for most street cars that dont break the 9. You must have a valid drivers license to operate any motorized vehicle. For those that have a battery andor fuel cell in the rear on their car and have passed nhra tech or are confident their car will pass, what is the aceptable method to seperate the passenger compartment from the battery and fuel cell as i read my 1995. Read on as we show you tricks and tips to pass tech inspection when drag racing down at the track. To view the current nrha corporate record book which includes policies and board resolutions, visit the members only section. These helmets must be approved and meet sfi or snell safety standards.

For open cars a different helmet ruling is required. This includes the most current certification year, and the next most current certification. Nhra rule changes for 2006 protective clothing changes the protective clothing of the e. The nhra stock car classification guide is used to position a. Anyone found in violation, will themselves, as well as the racer they accompany. Beacon dragway window tint decision from nhra rule. As a fan, youll love it, because it brings you inside the highly technical world of nhra drag racing like nothing else can. Each class is defined by a ratio of vehicle shipping weight and a horsepower factor. The following items are required for a vehicle and driver to pass tech. The race directors decision is final in all circumstances. The nhra rule book states that the 2005 certification doesnt expire until january 1, 2017, and the 2010 certification expires on the same day five years later 2022. The certification name causes further confusion when it comes time to purchase the helmet, according to patrick utt at racequip, who says the helmets arent even available until.

See nhra rule book for additional requirements on individual classes. How to pass tech inspection hot rod magazine hot rod. Motorcycle sections 4c and 4d of the nhra rulebook with the following exceptions. Pantsjacket combo suits must use 360 degree metal zipper for attaching purposes. All snell approved helmet models must be tested before being labeled. As per the nhra 2008 rulebook, general regulations, 10. Supercharged, turbocharged, or nitousequiped cars, with or without a full oem or. Nhra ihra safety requirements mustang parts and tech. This means there are certain driver credentialing requirements as well as safety clothing requirements for all competitors.

A ll installed sfi certified safety equipment must be up to date with current dates and numbers. Basic nhra safety rules v072015 this is general information only and you should always refer to the current official nhra rule book. Jr street rules section of nhra rulebook hot rod heritage racing. We at beacon dragway will follow this guideline, and hopefully this will put the window tint debate to rest. Classbyclass regulations and requirements, racing procedures, and. I was about to buy the m2005 helmet and the guy at the speed shop it is a motorcycle helmet and said i need sa2005, i called rt.

There are many classes within nhras stock and super stock eliminators. Requirements and specifications for the nhra sportsman motorcycle series are the same as those for e. Some safety requirements are the same for all classes. Fill out your information on the tech card and proceed to the tech area to submit your car for safety inspection. In other words that is the total you can have for the entire system. The imca states in their rule books which sa certification years they will accept. All nhra street legal rules will apply and govern the event nhra summit racing series rule book supersedes all auto club dragway rules no alcoholic beverages or glass containers permitted at any time. This is general information only and you should always refer to the current official nhra rule book.

Throughout this rulebook, a number of references are made for particular products to. Good tires, a solid battery hold down, radiator overflow reservoir, functioning neutralsafety switch, seat belts, and a valid state drivers license or nhra competition license for all participants. For any sanctioned drag racing in the united states, the rules are set in place by the national hot rod association nhra. Snowmobile section 4e and atvs must meet all rules as per allterrain vehicle. This rule posting is as it applies to cars like ours closed body type. A quickrelease, 3inch shoulder harness meeting sfi spec 16. As outlined in the 2020 nhra rule book drivers if required must use a helmet meeting snell or sfi specifications. Basic nhra safety rules all cars must meet nhra rules and pass technical inspection this is general information only and you should always refer to the current official nhra rule book. Im not positive but i do believe that nhra requires that the fuel cell be protected from impactdebris. From nhra rule book, section 4a page 6 windshieldwindow tint must meet the applicable state requirements. The nhra requires every driver, in every class, to wear a helmet. Is the m2005 helmet good for nhra tracks turbo buick. An nhra approved helmet is required for cars running. Information on the nhra and ihra safety requirements for specific 14 mile times.

If youre a serious fan or a potential racer, this book is for you. As outlined under class requirements, drivers in all classes, including motorcycles, must wear a helmet meeting snell or sfi specifications. Every year, nhra shares its secrets and makes its complete rules available to the public for every class from top fuel to the e. Refer to the nhra rule book for equipment requirements based on your class and et. To race in a professional drag race, you must comply with the rules set forth by the national hot rod association. Helmets last 12 years from their rating date example a snell 2005 would be good until 2017. Nhras lewis bloom breaks down the greatest moments from each national event on the nhra mello yello drag racing series. Ahdra all harley drag racing association rules rulebook top fuel tf class. Snell and sfi both have similar safety ratings, however, some testing protocols can vary. Procedure sheet rainout policy requirements to be a street car tech and safetycheck guidelines e. When you get to an nhra member track for an nhra drags street legal style presented by aaa event, youll pay your entry fee and get a tech card. Only nhra approved electronics and throttle controllers are allowed. The nhra states that any vehicle other than a motorcycle that is capable of doing 5 mph or better has to conform to the minimum safety requirements for a car that can do the quarter on 9.

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