Shepard is indoctrinated by the reapers book

He makes another appearance on the asari home planet, thessia, where he again tries to convince shepard that controlling the reapers is the best solution. Shepard might have failed at the end of mass effect 3 and become indoctrinated and the war still continues in mass effect 4 with different characters. If i give you an answer that says you are indoctrinated, i am not trying to demean you. The reapers are the primary antagonists of the entire mass effect trilogy. Join rima as she looks at the evidence behind the theory that the reapers being possibly indoctrinated. Exbioware writer discusses dropped ideas for mass effect trilogy. The book is available both on the uk and us amazon sites. Story is on level with 20 pages long, mediocre novel in nebula or any other sf magazineat best. For his indoctrinated appearance in mass effect 3, numerous facial concepts were drawn to determine just how much.

Even if he was indoctrinated the entire time, then why the hell would the reapers let him get that far in his research in the first place. The illusive man did really fight the reapers and what he did was meant to make cerberus and mankind ready to oppose them including the revival of shepard. Shepard also did not spend enough time around reapers and. The reapers already had standing objectives that werent yet complete, and the alphacatalyst, despite having the processing power of a dozen supercomputers, couldnt think of anything else that took priority. Heshe is assigned to the ssv normandy as the leader of hisher own squad in a desperate mission to stop the reapers, a race of sentient machines hellbent on destroying all organic life. In response, the illusive man commands the assassin kai leng to steal vital information necessary to combat the reapers. He is haunted by this decision for most of the game. The ending is using the citadel and relay network to collapse the entire milky way into a black hole. Maybe the reapers are looking at a way to stop this. Why dont the speeches of anderson, the illusive man, and god make sense at the end. Instead he does everything he can to sabotage shepards efforts, warns the reapers about what shepards trying to do, and presumes the reapers wont just vaporize him the second he steps onto the citadel. He also had no intention of going through relay 314, an alpha relay that could dump him anywhere. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. As a cliffhanger it would have worked fantastically.

Shepard wakes up from the dream, keeps fighting, wins, but the extended ending dlc was a fiasco and the theory transforms the ending into something very hard to accept. Shepard wasnt even around yet to help him kill them all. Originally released for the xbox 360 video game console in 2007, it is the first game of the mass effect series. The indoctrination theory is very popular amongst fans as being the. In fact, only an adept shepard is without any form of freezing power, as engineers and sentinels get cryo blast. All of the clues were out there, besides a few known reaper artifacts on earth, eden prime, and shanxi. The reapers have every reason to indoctrinate shepard.

Played straight with a paragon shepard, who will never stab a good person in the back. An adept shepard can still fit this trope by equipping the m622 avalanche, which freezes its targets. Yeah great game but everyone got indoctrinated and was controlled by the reapers, the end. The mass effect series is a master class in writing and characterization, as evidenced by these ten unforgettable quotes from the games.

But, like so many video game franchises, the mass effect universe expands beyond the mediums borders. The indoctrination theory doesnt say shepard is indoctrinated, but that the reapers have been trying to indoctrinate shepard for a long time, and are making a last attempt when shepard is badly injured after harbingers laser. The above video is about my book evoillusion, now available on amazon. Retribution, written by drew karpyshyn and published by del rey press, is a thirdperson, sciencefiction novel set in the mass effect universe, told primarily from the pointsofview of paul grayson and kahlee sanders. Indoctrination theory, commonly abbreviated it, is the idea that throughout the mass effect series, commander shepard is slowly and unknowingly indoctrinated by the reapers, and that the final sequences of mass effect 3 are not literal events, but constructs of shepard s mind in his internal battle against indoctrination. There was some ideas that maybe shepard gets his essence transferred. The normandy blasts away from mars, just as the reapers begin arriving in orbit. Since this route is considered noncanon and shepards dead its unknown exactly what happens to the illusive man after this its likely he either avoided indoctrination and managed to somehow defeat the reapers or if he was indoctrinated then its likely hes successful in assassinating the councillor and stealing the prothean vi. First grave on the right by darynda jones, croak by gina damico, my soul to save by rachel vincent, my soul to take by rachel v. It was first reported to commander shepard by farmers on eden prime, who claimed there was a horrible noise emanating from sovereign as it descended. Indoctrination is the term used for the brainwashing effect the reapers and their technology have on organic beings. Not so much the motive, but that that sentence pretty much sums up the whole explanation of what the reapers are. Reapers stand was the first in which my club friends didnt find major errors regarding club life, so maybe im finally figuring it out. Ive read the books and comics, played all the games with all dlcs.

The reapers the hunted series book 1 kindle edition by. The number of frustrated mass effect 3 fans continues to grow as players finish the game and encounter the controversial endings but, according. Even if the reapers are like the vong, their agents will not be. Are the mass effect games based off of a book series. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the reapers the hunted series book 1. Foundation, framed as reconnaissance by brooks as the pointofview character. If the player has a completed saved game from mass effect 2, the character from that game can be imported. In both cases there is evidence that they were slowly indoctrinated over the course of a few years. What if this is the beginning stage of indoctrination, with the reapers using the child to twist shepard s emotions in an attempt to control him. There are also several problems if the indoctrination theory is true. Despite their best efforts to defeat the enemy, the inevitable happens. The red ending is bad for them because you reject their indoctrination.

Should a reaper subvert a wellplaced political or military leader, the resulting. How long will the peace shepard made last now that the reapers are gone. In mass effect 2 and beyond, shepard is the only character with access to the cryo ammo power as an infiltrator, soldier or vanguard. The reapers the hunted series book 1 kindle edition by ali winters. The other is that the whole thing was a dream sequence since the beam hit and the reapers lost control of shepard when heshe chose the destroy ending and if the. If anyone has read the mass effect books, namely ascension, grayson experiences indoctrination as voices in his head and images that haunt him in his sleep. Shepards destruction of the alpha relay had brought them more time to prepare.

It has been said that the book is always better than the movie. In case of the illusive man the indoctrination might have begun when he first came into contact with reaper tech on shanxi during the first contact war this story is told in the comic book mass effect. With great technological advancements, humanity has set foot into space and made many new allies by joining a. This ending makes the most sense and reapers are trying to fool you into thinking this is a bad short term solution. It seemed that the shepard of the reapers still retained the creativity of the longdead spectre.

Could not stop for deathbook 4 in the chronicles of. Commander shepard is the main protagonist and playercharacter of the original mass effect video game trilogy. Indoctrinated when harbinger shoots his beam at commander shepard after the normandy leaves, he purposely doesnt hit shepard directly. Shepard struggles to regain lost trust, resolve centuriesold wars, and overcome the machinations of a madman hellbent on derailing their best efforts to unite a. Things that were only in the mass effect books screenrant. Shepards gender, appearance, military background, combat training, and first name are determined by the player before the game begins. Shepherd is not some special snowflake who can negate the reapers indoctrination.

Shepards war with the reapers may continue in biowares next. But seemed to get amped up a lot when he started using reaper. Having witnessed indoctrination and the geths support of the reapers, shepard should be far more cautious around legion than heshe is in mass effect 2. She later appears in a issue comic book series starring most of shepards squad mates in the original trilogy, mass effect.

Gamers find leviathan dlc inside mass effect 3s new ending. The illusive man tells shepard his plan to control the reapers and attempts to foil shepard when shepard resists. In mass effect, when the illusive man founded cerberus was. In the first war between turians and humans, he served in the human colony shanxi where he was told about some kind of ancient turian artifact located there from a turian prisoner desolas. Harbinger presents the three options in a way that playsto shepards emotions to coerce him into letting the reapers live. The reapers want you to choose the blue or green ending because they will win. The book explains how it instead turned into an ending where the reapers finally indoctrinated shepard. The game takes place within the milky way galaxy in the year 2183, where civilization is threatened by a highly advanced machine race known as the reapers.

If shepard were ever indoctrinated, why dont reaper forces ever stop shooting at her. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. And as powerful as the indoctrination film is, we must admit that the book really does pack an explosive punch. He had a list of places to destroy, annihilate, and remove from the history books. The reapers surround the portal and major coats gives the order to retreat. Shepard thinks he was being indoctrinated archive of our own. After shepard manages to beat nazara, the remaining reapers note all grudgingly respect her, and silent dominion and leviathan both say she would make an excellent addition to the reapers, perhaps even more so then them. No matter what its postandromeda future may bring, the mass effect saga has made an indelible mark on gaming thanks to its engrossing story, unforgettable characters, and richly detailed universe. Ive tried to make each book in the reapers motorcycle club series different, rather than following a set formula. Shepard orders jimmy and liara to bring the fembot onboard so they can recover the prothean data, and hauls ak onboard himself. But to just say the reapers were created to destroy advanced organic life because it would always conflict with nonorganic life just seemed ridiculous.

Shepard warns his team to be ready, as it might be a trap. But his crew is gone, and he has no idea if they are alive. A point and click demake, the adventures of commander shepard is a satire of mass effect and a love letter. Mass effectcharacterscommander shepard all the tropes. What he needed now was to replace the three top agents he had just lost. His name was jack harper before he became the illusive man. And, one thing i dont understand is, if the illusive man at the end with anderson isnt real, then what happened to him. They oblirerated the series and me has become nothing more than a broken hole in a book, filled with conjecture, lies, brickbrained characters including shepard himself and plots being changed whenever it feels. A signal or energy field surrounds the reaper, which subtly influences the minds of any organic individual in range. The theory interprets the conclusion as a figment of shepards imagination as he either resists or succumbs to reaper indoctrination. The archon is the leader of the kett, and the main antagonist of mass effect andromeda. Shepard has battled indoctrinated cerberus operatives throughout mass effect 3, yet the illusive man lacks cerberus bodyguards.

Mass effect is an action roleplaying video game developed by bioware and published by microsoft game studios. The reapers have taken down the citadel and races of the galaxy. And all this assumes that the force users dont get a force vision of the reapers suddenly turning on them with the aid of indoctrinated agents. Mass effect 3 reaches the peak of its climax when it asks shepard to make one last choice. This may sound crazy, and i thought it was, too, but the increasingly popular theory that commander shepard is actually indoctrinated by the reapers is the only reason the ending could be what it is. Mass effect commander shepard characters tv tropes. Avatar of victory the reapers characters tv tropes. Mass effect 3 is an action roleplaying game in which the player takes control of commander shepard from a thirdperson perspective.

You also find a healthy amount of references to the indoctrination theory. The illusive man is a fictional character in biowares mass effect video game franchise. Although they spend most of the first two games operating in the shadows and only reveal themselves gradually, the full threat of the reapers is finally realised in mass effect 3 when they launch a. Kind of like reading a book that is part of a series, the ending only makes sense for that specific. Shepard gains the needed knowledge to manipulate the network via her experiences over the three games, and one of the main parts of me3 is preparing an exodus to andromeda to save as much as they can as literally the entire milky way is going to be sacrificed to destroy the reaper fleet. Doubts about indoctrination theory page 2 ign boards.

When they finally realize that they played into the reapers hands, its far to late for them to break away from their control. Commander shepard itself becomes this to their enemies in the second and third game. Mass effect 3 the indoctrination theory extended cut clevernoob. If you subscribe to the shepard indoctrination theory which many do noti. For 24 years, he has been an agent of the councils will, a zealous defender of galactic stability in the unsettled border region of the skyllian. Like the film, the book is a tourdeforce of the american educational landscape, but it offers so much more than we could possibly fit in a 102 minute documentary. Saren arterius, born 29, is the longest serving turian member of the spectres, the elite operatives answering directly to the citadel council. Along with its games, the original mass effect trilogy is complemented by five. Shepard refuses and suggests that the illusive man is indoctrinated. He has to choose to control the reapers, destroy the reapers. While mass effect andromeda wont see his return, commander shepard, still has one more adventure in him.

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