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Crossing the ocean on a cargo ship the art of manliness. The time to travel from canada to europe by freighter. True adventures of great lakes freighter captain, richard metz. Since the 1960s the transport of containers has continued to grow. Whether you love the sea, are conscious of your carbon footprint, dont like flying or simply prefer to sail in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the crowds, then travelling by cargo ship is the right choice for you. In these regions, ships may have to wait for days to be given access to the final port, facilities are bad, you likely have to bring. Freighter travel is here to advise you on all aspects of cargo travel and to assist you in planning a trip to remember. Freighter travel with sea travel ltd, london, united kingdom. With most ships having only 6 cabins carrying a maximum of 12 passengers, this is an entirely different way of spending your time at sea. It is always more expensive for a single to book a double cabin and always cheaper per person for double occupancy of a double cabin.

The internet guide to freighter travel welcome to the most comprehensive source of information about freighter travel to be found on the internet. Many people are surprised when they find out that freighter travel is often more expensive than flying and i just looked at the website of the australian company freighter expeditions and found most of the trips listed even more expensive. A little known and inexpensive boat option, freighter travel, is popular with student travelers and adventurers of all ilk, but figuring how to hop aboard a freighter isnt as simple as you may expect. Boat travel is a charming alternative to longhaul flying, and far better for the environment, too. Discover a new way to travel by setting sail aboard a merchant vessel. Freighter travel was established in 1993 by two enthusiastic world travellers who saw a wonderful travel opportunity going largely unnoticed by the travelling public for lack of a professional promotion and booking agency. Freighter travel or travel by cargo ship is a less common way of crossing the oceans.

Cargo ship voyages l freighter travel, napier, new zealand. Freight travel involves slipping into port for only the time required to exchange one load for another. This site has evolved over the past three years, based mainly on my own experiences aboard ship and in dealings with agents, shipping companies, and the officers and crew of several ships. Travelers can book modern cruises or freighter trips on the sea travel limited website, another company based in london, england. Is there anything in life that feels better than making the right decision at the right time. Included on the menu are a large selection of ships travelling to any number of exciting destinations in every part of the world and at fares to fit any budget. Sea travel ltd, leading travel agent cruises, freighter and.

What is the cheapest available freighter voyage anywhere. The cruise people ltd is happy to announce a new cargopassenger service between europe and north america with five new acl vessels called the g4s. Book travel, research ships, hear stories from people who have already taken trips. Now that weve gone over the negatives, heres how you can get started. Freighter travel with sea travel ltd home facebook. Included are daily shore trips on each of the islands you visit. Freighter expeditions specialises in unique and diverse sea voyages that are once in a lifetime travel experiences.

Incorporated in westport, ct in 1993 as maris usa ltd, doing business as maris freighter and specialty cruises and as maris freighter travel club intl, offering a variety of voyages from coastal and island specialties to oneway ocean crossings and aroundtheworld cruises. Book and sea travel club is promoting a contest to draw people to a sales presentation to buy some type of travel club program. Freighter travel is virtually the only way to travel across the caspian sea and is a very common way to travel across the black sea. In these regions, ships may have to wait for days to be given access to the final port, facilities are bad, you likely have to bring your own food, and service is sporadic and unreliable you will have to check every morning for departing ships. Then its back to sea en route to their next sometimes exotic destination. Cargo ship travel things you should know travelling by cargo ship is a fascinating way to see the world. Dogtravel company how we travel no cargo holds, planes. List of voyages world cruises transatlantic transpacific south seas and coastal. The time to travel from canada to europe by freighter usa today. The following is a list of frequently asked questions faqs related to freighter travel. About us l worldwide freighter travel, napier, new zealand. How to book a freighter cruise expedition and adventure cruises tell us why you like to travel by freighter. Browse other questions tagged budget caribbean seatravel.

Walking past a huge international shipyard twice today got me thinking about freighter travel. The intent is to provide a quick overview of the freighter cruise experience, including such topics as costs, lengths of typical trips, and what to expect while on board the ship. The internet guide to freighter travel find the most relevant information about travel by freighters and container ship travel. Continues roundtrip voyages are offered, as well as longer one way voyages, between the continents only. Regardless of how you travel, by air, land, or sea, your dog will never leave your side. Cargo ship cruises are the most likely way to get from point a to point b on a low carbon dioxide level for experiencing a freighter cruise around the world for instance. If youve ever contemplated more time at sea, i have an alternative to cruise ships or flotilla sailing for you. Specialists in freighter travel, expedition voyages and luxury cruises. Not all agents book the same voyages, so shop around when booking and picking a freighter that is right for you. Sep 05, 2018 time spent on the water is never wasted in my book.

Todays passenger freighters are mostly containerships, french and german, with 2025 international officers and crew on board, and 2 to 6 passengers max. If people wish to buy in that is free market capitalism, i suppose. It is not overstating it to say that some people think that freighter cruising is a life changer. The joys of learning, time at sea and the casual yet simple offerings provide for self sufficiency whilst leaving you open minded in every. Thousands of freighter carriers sail on the high seas each daymonth and year. Sea travel ltd, leading travel agent cruises, freighter. Freighter travel freighter cruises is the most economical way for student travelers to sail the high seas though most definitely not the cheapest way to cross the oceans, but if you just won big bucks on a game show, you might consider a luxury ocean liner for the sheer comfort factor.

Nicknamed the kings of the sea, they can measure up to 400 metres in length. Most travel agents do not book freighter voyages, so you will have to book through an agent that specializes in freighter cruises or directly through the ships agentmanager. Experience a classic route, such as london to new york. Freighter travel is also possible in some smaller andor third world countries. From montreal to minnesota, by inland sea the new york times. We have a couple of such questions on the site, but not many. Polsteam now has seventeen passengercarrying lakers trading between europe and the great lakes. Cargo ship travel delivers a unique experience you wont enjoy on a passenger cruise. You must have travel insurance with evacuation cover. With over 10 years of experience in the freighter travel and cruising sector we provide passages aboard cargo ships, expedition ships and luxury passenger liners to clients throughout the world. There are now more opportunities than ever before for passengers to. How we travel no cargo holds, cargo planes, cargo trains, or cargo trucks. But if your dream is to catch a freighter from the jersey shore to isla mujeres, mexico. They have an impressive catalog of routes under the freighter category.

Freighter voyages still on offer despite present virus outbreak. In fact, you should be walking on cloud nine right about now. Freighter travel plan and explore your cruise around the world. Choices available now in freighter travel are as vast as the oceans and waterways these ships serve. We have teamed up with hamish jamieson at freightertravel nz, based in napier, new zealand, who have a register of almost every passenger carrying cargo ship in the world and provide a worldwide booking service for freighter ship cruises. There are quite a few out there, but i recommend these six.

Freighter travel costs and questions gonomad travel. Many ships only have 2 to 4 cabins so you will usually need to book up to 6 months in advance to get the trip that you want in the month that you want to depart in. Onboard the aranui you will find a pool, daily seminars, lounge, bars, library and breathtaking south pacific ocean views. The aranui 5 is a deluxe passenger freighter cruise from tahiti to the marquesas islands and bora bora. Nov 28, 2017 the time to travel from canada to europe by freighter. Travel by freighter to europe, mediterranean, south pacific. Container ships, the most common freighters, only transport packaged goods in huge multicoloured metal containers. True adventures of great lakes freighter captain, richard metz metz, captain richard on. An ereader, music and puzzle books can be lifesavers on sea days.

Tips for booking passage on a freighter ship travel guide. Jun 05, 2014 sea travel ltd are now pleased to offer a section freighter cruise around the black sea areas with departure from greece. Browse other questions tagged budget caribbean seatravel freightertravel or ask your. Welcome to the exciting world of freighter cruising seeing the world from a cargo or container vessel. Freighter travel is a less crowded alternative for crossing a sea or ocean, not using airplanes or commercial cruise ships or ferries. Were book and sea, and wed like to ask you a question. The dogtravel company is currently the only travel club in the world offering safe, low stress, side by side travel for dog lovers and their dogs. The ship was designed to deliver supplies and carry visitors to the most remote islands of the south pacific. Your dog will never travel in a crate, and your dog will never ever travel in a cargo hold or on a cargo plane, train or truck. Passenger freighters voyage list maris freighter cruises. You will have to book through an agent that specializes in freighter cruises or directly through the ships agentmanager. Its best to book cargo ship travel through a specialist travel agency. A voyage on a cargo ship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Youll need to keep in mind the few tips below though most importantly book early.

Click here to enter our site apr 17, 1983 the most valid reason for booking a freighter, however, would seem to be the opportunity to join a highly select group of travelers who prefer to share the sea with captain and crew and ignore. You wont be docking in a tour ship harbor when you travel to europe by cargo freighter. Freighter travel internet guide to freighter travel. Slowtravel specialist in freighter travel worldwide. Sea travel ltd are now pleased to offer a section freighter cruise around the black sea areas with departure from greece. A wellkept secret in these days of airport anxiety is that it is still possible to book a regularly scheduled sea passage to most parts of the world. Here are tips for booking a trip on a freighter ship. Seven 8night departures between may and august 2020 in ponants brandnew 184berth le bellot. Sea travel ltd is web based travel agent, offering freighter voyages and cruises to attractive destinations. Remember that there may be voyages available that the travel agent is not advertising on the internet or elsewhere. All delivered over the past two years to grimaldi lines subsidiary acl, these ships now offer a weekly fixed day of the week passenger service between hamburg, antwerp and liverpool. A cargo ship or freighter is any type of vessel that carries cargo, goods, and materials from one port to another.

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