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Opnav 80204 shall be used to document all ojt, informal. Department of the navy office of the chief of naval operations 2000 navy pentagon washington dc 203502000 canc frp. Which instruction lists the operating service life osl which represents the total operating service months opsermos the aircraft can be expected to serve before retirement. In order to view, navigate, download, enter form data, and print these documents, you must have a current adobe acrobat reader internet plugin installed in your browser version 4. The application you are trying to access requires authentication.

Opnav instructions department of the navy issuances. Ammunition and explosive handling qualification and. Opnavinst chief of naval operations instructions navy. Small arms within lockers on submarines or other ships, which are designated as rfi to response forces, do not require rack locking devices if the locker is fitted with high security hardware or the space in which the locker is located is manned 24 hours a day. Appointment of regular and reserve officers in the medical service corps of the navy ref. Naval ordnance center explosive safety program, policy and.

Ie 1 annex a recall of personnel 2 annex b public affairs 3 annex c natural disaster emergencies appendix i 4 4 annex d emergency telephone numbers 5 annex e inclement weather procedures 1. Mos 8023, parachute officer nmos 0202, 0203, 0206, 0302, 0306, 0402. You must have all the below items listed the day of class. Category i personnel must qualify on the navy handgun qualification course on an annual basis with the same type pistol they shall be issued.

Nov 2020 opnavnote 5400 ser dns3319u102286 nov 2019 opnav notice 5400 from. What is a subset of the aircraft standard depot level maintenance sdlm specification which establishes inspection procedures to determine an individual aircrafts material. Please enter your nps username and password, then click the sign in button to continue. Chapter 11 ammunition storage and handling afloat the ammunition used by the u. Safety requirements for contractors and subcontractors. These phone numbers shall be provided to nuwc keyport safety office via email or memo.

Personnel performing alss equipment maintenance and qars. Explosive handling personnel qualification and certification program. All applicants will need to submit a navmc 10964, of 345. Following the catastrophic ordnance incident involving a mark mk 24 aircraft parachute flare aboard the aircraft carrier united states ship oriskany cv 34 in 1966 that resulted in a significant loss of life and major ship damage, the chief of naval operations cno established the. Must report an mec find to nossa and await their decision regarding continuance of. Welcome to navy personnel command navperscom directives, printing, and publications branch pers532. Personnel who are issued weapons primarily to maintain security of department of defense dod assets. Mark mk 24 aircraft parachute flare aboard the aircraft. Which instruction lists the operating service life osl. Medical matrix manual change log united states navy. A sdvosb service disabled veteran owned small business. Government sites or the information, products, or services contained therein.

Navy must be maintained in a state of readiness at all times. Table 1 lists the responsibilities contained in opnav instruction 8023. Page 1 of 24 navy light lift nll contractor logistics support cls navy light lift performance work statement. E2 in the sea cadets and have not reached 24 years of age on.

Study flashcards on ammunition storage and handling afloat at. Opnavinst chief of naval operations instructions navy intelligence and security doctrine. A statement was added to formaldehyde program 151 provider comments indicating that biomonitoring for formaldehyde is. Personnel performing alss equipment maintenance and qars or cdqars inspecting from english 100 at coastline community college.

The online documents in the department of the navy issuances system have been grouped in folders. Read and download ebook verifone nurit 8020 user guide pdf at public ebook library verifone nurit 8020 user guide pdf. The integration of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft into a composite squadron and subsequently transitioning that squadron from shore. Refer to paragraph 10 for other staffsunits who serve in qualifying vessels on a daily basis. Department of navy environmental restoration program nerp manual, chapter 12, munitions response program. Navy explosive safety policies, requirements and procedures. Officer in charge, quantico, ammunition supply point. Report of medical examination dd 2808 and report of medical history dd 28071 within last 12 months to include hiv results, eye exam, ekg, auditory etc. The standard subject classification system comprising this manual is designed.

Naval ordnance center explosive safety program, policy. Office of the chief of naval operations washington, d. The technical data package will be forwarded by the chairperson to the other ssstrp members. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Maximum order duration allowable by law for involuntary recall to active duty is addressed in reference c. Review and approve local safety instructions and guides that are relevant to. Weapons handling procedures manual ashore and in volume ii, chapter 6. No process involving explosives will take place without. Improper, rough, or careless handling, storage, and shipping can result in malfunctioning ammunition and material damage or loss of life. The instructions follow the appropriate standard subject identification code ssic. Figure 3 provides an organizational chart for the navordcen n71 explosives safety office that is responsible for implementing the. The appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the united states department of defense, the united states department of the navy and the bureau of medicine and surgery of nonu. Navair 11140 24 ordnance handling equipment navair 161529 radhaz hero manual also issued as op 3565.

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